Manifold for Data-Aware Networking 7 June 2013
Prof Serge Fdida gave a presentation on Manifold for Data-Aware Networking at CFI in China on June 7, 2013. View the presentation here:
MySlice is MySlice helps MySlice is implemented

a free OS resource management tool for testbeds

annotated with useful information from different monitoring sources: reliability and utilization over time, geographic and network location, etc.

possible to get tailored to your testbed

community based development written in python.

to offer your testbed resources to thousands of researchers worldwide

to list, filter, and reserve resources made available through the SFA control framework

to share and adopt plugins and tools that you or someone else has developed for a particular testbed

to lower the barriers for your testbed to enter into and benefit from the global SFA federation.

by minimizing the complexity of the installation procedure in order to enable different testbeds and portals to use and improve the code base according to their needs

by encouraging researchers to share the information of the usage of the platforms and provide explicit feedback of their needs hence contributing in the development of more sophisticated resource provision and experiment instrumentation tools

by getting the code at